Treau’s mission is to make an air conditioner that's high efficiency, with low-carbon natural refrigerants on the inside; quiet, low-profile, and easy to install on the outside. I helped them design functional prototype circuit boards for their initial set of control subcircuits.

  • Freelance
  • Circuit Design
  • PCB Design
  • Residential Air Conditioning
  • Project Description
  • Treau hired me to design a series of functional prototype boards that would be used to test individual subcircuits in their air conditioner product. The boards were designed to be modular and sit on one bus so that they could be iterated on independently.
  • My Work
  • My primary achievements in this project were:
  • Design of seven modular prototype PCBs that played well together
  • Design of compressor and fan control circuits
  • Design of mixed signal sensing arrays
FutureAir was in the process of translating their first few functional requirements into subcircuits. They needed simple, quick boards to serve as a starting point for future design.

Like most of my contract work, I am unable to share specific details about the work product.

Treau Website
  • Type of WorkCircuit Design, PCB Design
  • Tools UsedEagle
  • Period of WorkDec, 2018 - Aug, 2019
  • LocationProvidence, RI