FutureAir’s mission is to measure the quality of air we breathe indoors, then improve it. I helped them move from the third to the fourth revision of their hardware quickly and cheaply so they could launch a pilot.

  • Freelance
  • Circuit Design
  • PCB Design
  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Project Description
  • FutureAir hired me to produce a new revision of the PCB for their primary product, the Smart Air Monitor (SAM). The current product was buggy and was missing functionality that they wanted in their pilot. They then also made me responsible for the manufacture and test of the subsequent round of boards.
  • My Work
  • My primary achievements in this project were:
  • Redesign of the board to allow for more rapid iteration
  • Reduction of BOM line items by ~30% by using more up to date technology
  • Repair of a PCB antenna RF system
  • Thermal isolation of the room temperature sensor
FutureAir is an early stage startup selling to corporate clients. Their success depended on being able to prove reliability and efficacy in the field, and I delivered a product that allowed them to do so.

Like most of my contract work, I am unable to share specific details about the work product.

FutureAir Website
  • Type of WorkCircuit Design, PCB Design, Design for Manufacture
  • Tools UsedEagle, C++
  • Period of WorkJan, 2019 - Jun, 2019
  • LocationProvidence, RI