Volta Labs

Volta Labs engineers tools to make impossible biotechnologies. I helped them build the first few prototype iterations and benchtop evaluation and calibration procedure for one of their devices.

  • Freelance
  • Circuit Design
  • PCB Design
  • Lab on a Chip
  • Project Description
  • Volta hired me to build a prototype PCB as well as a testing and calibration setup for their lab-on-a-chip product. The device that I design and built was required to have independent closed loop temperature control over dozens of closely spaced nodes.
  • My Work
  • My primary achievements in this project were:
  • Maintaining analog temperature signal fidelity at each node
  • Thermally isolating heating nodes from each other and from the other components on the board
  • Fast multiplexing of both switching and sensing
  • Internal and external calibration scripts that interfaced with each other
Volta Labs is an early stage startup moving quickly. They needed the agility and flexibility to learn from design iterations without writing a full spec each time, while still maintaining scientific rigor.

Like most of my contract work, I am unable to share specific details about the work product.

Volta Labs Website
  • Type of WorkCircuit Design, PCB Design, Electrical Test, Scripting
  • Tools UsedEagle, Python, SMD Hand Soldering
  • Period of WorkJan, 2019 - Sept, 2019
  • LocationProvidence, RI