Allay is an IoT device and platform for seniors and their caretakers that helps make managing their medication easier and less stressful. I worked on this project in context of the IDM core curriculum with three other people. I served as the technical lead.

  • Product Design
  • MITidm
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Internet of Things
  • Design Challenge
  • There are already many products on the market that are designed to help improve medication adherence, but few of them keep the needs of the most important stakeholder, the user, at the center of the design. We wanted to create something that seniors would actually enjoy having in their home. The thesis was that if we solved for usability and comfort, then improvement in health outcomes would follow.
  • Project Scope
  • We took this project from inception through extensive design research, several rounds of ideation and concept prototyping, product detail design, and business model design. Halfway through the project we were hit by a global pandemic and lost physical access to our users and prototyping equipment, therefore our later prototypes and feedback sessions took place digitally.
Properly managed medication can improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and relieve stress from users and caretakers.

After interviewing many elderly users, it became obvious that medication management is both a huge source of stress for many elderly people and their caretakers, but current solutions are failing to meet user needs. Allay is meant to be a luxury pill box and medication management device that looks less like a medical device and more like furniture, gives control back to the patient, and has a user experience designed with seniors in mind.

See the Prototype Interface See the Final Presentation
  • Target User65-85 years old, living independently
  • StakeholdersUsers, Caretakers, Healthcare Providers, Insurance, ACO's, Medicare
  • Price$89 + $10/month
  • Design TeamEthan Carlson (Engineer), Nani Kim (Designer), Jordan Gowan (Designer), John Liu (Business)
UI/UX designed for the elderly, enclosure designed to look less like a medical device and more like furniture, and functionality to support healthy care management. These are the needs we designed for:

To open medication containers easily
To read & receive medication information clearly and easily
To require minimal data input from the user
To be reminded when it is time to take medication
To easily know if medication has already been taken
To know if any medications have adverse interactions
To know when to order prescription refills
To have items that are visually pleasing and integrate into home environment
To feel in control over his/her own medication management