Abstract Wall Sculpture

In 2013 I made a sculpture for display in my own home. I was interested in displaying the different grains and textures in a variety of hardwoods.

  • Personal Project
  • Woodworking
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art
  • Design Challenge
  • My aesthetic goal in this project was to obfuscate how the materials were interacting with each other by using no visible fasteners.
  • Project Scope
  • This was a project that I conceived of, designed, and executed on. I always try to keep something like this on the back burner to keep the creative juices flowing.
I owned no tools at the start of the project and completed the whole thing with only a measuring tape, hand saw, power drill, and sand paper.

I also had no shop access, so I did all the work surreptitiously on the roof of my apartment building.

  • Target UserMyself
  • Type of WorkWoodworking
  • Tools UsedHand saw, tape measure, power drill, sand paper
  • LocationProvidence, RI