VCharge was (acquired in 2018) a smart grid startup that deployed technology to enable the electric grid to be reactive to supply-side volatility introduced by ever-greater penetration of renewable energy. VCharge produced sensing and control hardware as well as Virtual Power Plant software to operate its grid asset.

  • Startup
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Clean Tech
  • Transactive Load Management
  • Project Description
  • The current electrical grid is unable to support significant penetration of renewables without introducing risk of grid frequency volatility. By allowing electrical loads with embedded storage to make real-time electricity purchasing decisions based on grid conditions, the grid can function more intelligently, with less risk of failure, and with more renewable energy production.
  • My Work
  • I was hired as a Field Engineer to diagnose and troubleshoot hardware issues with the grid assets in Pennsylvania and Maine. However, within a year VCharge asked me to design new hardware to meet the developing needs to the company. I launched one product (the VCharge Control & Metering Module, or VCMM) that was largely based on the existing product line, but allowed for the switching of much larger loads (10 kW). Starting in 2014 I took on a new title, Lead Implementation Engineer. See some of my notable work here.
I joined VCharge at a time when they needed someone who could quickly drive the process through product iterations, resolve technical risk, and bring reliability to the installations.

VCharge is where I learned to be scrappy, fake it 'till I made it, and focus on delivering value rather than the perception of it.

VCharge Website
  • Type of WorkHardware Engineering, Implementation, Product Design
  • Tools UsedElectrical troubleshooting equipment, eagle, python, C++
  • Period of WorkJanuary 2013 - May 2015
  • LocationProvidence, RI
Notable Work