Updraft Ventures

Updraft Ventures was founded in 2016 and was a venture backed pro-social startup that grew out of my success in building Escape Rhode Island. The goal was to partner with a category of small business entrepreneur that might otherwise be unable to start a business of their own, and to use these partnerships to build a network of escape room venues around the country.

  • Startup
  • Co-Founder & CEO
  • Experience Design
  • Escape Rooms
  • Project Description
  • Updraft provided training, capital, product development, tech support, and account management to our portfolio of escape rooms in exchange for a majority equity stake in each venue. We adopted this risk sharing model in order to align incentives with our partner entrepreneurs. In exchange for our not needing to directly manage each venue, our partners got access to equity and eventually a passive income stream without having to risk their own capital outlay. At the peak, Updraft managed seven escape room venues in six different states, had seven employees, and had annual revenues of ~$1m.
  • My Work
  • As one of two Co-Founders and the CEO, I wore many different hats throughout Updraft's life, including business development, engineering, operations, and more. You can read about some notable projects that I led here.
Our mission was to empower everyone to make more value-based decisions. This mission was based on a thesis is that if you:
  • Train generalists
  • Enable them to build passive income streams for themselves
  • Embed them in their local communities
  • Give them creative confidence

They will take more risks, build value for themselves and others, and make more value-based decisions that will have positive social impact.

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  • Type of WorkStartup Founding, Management, Product, Experience Design
  • Tools UsedEagle, Asana, Python, C++, Excel, Google Docs
  • Period of WorkAugust 2016 - December 2018
  • LocationProvidence, RI
Notable Work


Updraft began the process of liquidating its assets and winding down in late summer, 2018. Ultimately, the market had changed too dramatically from where it sat it 2015 when I opened Escape Rhode Island, and we were never able to generate enough cash flow from our portfolio to support Updraft's operations.