Laminated Coffee Table

In 2017 I made a coffee table with two raw edges for use in my own home. The design is meant to appear solid and thick while still retaining the ability to be easily moved around.

  • Personal Project
  • Woodworking
  • Furniture
  • Coffee Table
  • Design Challenge
  • This design is all about the details. How to make the table appear solid while maintaining the ability to move around easily? How to apply finish to a raw edge end grain evenly and cleanly? How to route out a pocket to store remotes and cat treats? The base construction was easy, but finishing it properly was difficult.
  • Project Scope
  • This was a project that I conceived of and executed on, though I can't claim the original idea of laminating wood in this way to make a surface. I translated that concept into a design that works for my partner and I.
The routed pocket allows for easy storage of remotes and cat treats, while the raw edge provides the sense of modernity that we were looking for in our living room.

I plan to slowly replace most of the wooden objects we own with things that I've built myself.

  • Target UserMyself, my wife, our friends
  • Type of WorkWoodworking
  • Tools UsedMiter saw, plunge router, hand tools
  • LocationProvidence, RI