Human Computer Interaction Engineering

In the summer before starting at MIT as a grad student, I worked in Stefanie Mueller's lab as a Research Assistant building projects to exhibit the Curveboard Technology.

  • Research Assistant
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  • Curveboards
  • Design Challenge
  • For me, this was a chance to test my electrical prototyping skills in an academic environment, and see how I would perform in the hallowed halls of MIT. It also served to get me back in the frame of mind of academic research, where the problems are often less defined but the reliability and usability requirements are also much more relaxed. In both of these regards I was successful. I feel validated in my skill set and was listed as an author in the published research mentioned above.

    I built four demonstration projects in my ~100 hours at HCIE, pictured below. Of the four, the first three were used in the final paper.

  • Project Scope
  • I was brought on to help Junyi Zhu build example circuits for the "Curveboard" project. Curveboard was exploring the idea of merging the form and function of an object in the context of electronics prototyping. Or more explicitly, can you create a 3D printable object with electronics prototyping ability built into the object, rather than appended to the outside. To achieve this, software was developed to allow a breadboard hole pattern (0.1" pitch holes in a rectangular grid) to be printed on any surface of a 3D print within nominal curvature constraints. These holes are connected with interior channels, and when these channels are filled with injected conductive silicone, they become conductive paths.

The project was successful and was accepted for publication in The Proceedings of CHI 2020:

"CurveBoards: Integrating Breadboards into Physical Objects to Prototype Function in the Context of Form."

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  • Target UserStudents, Hardware Hackers
  • Type of WorkElectronics, Circuit Design, Coding
  • Tools UsedArduino, Breadboard, C++
  • Design TeamEthan Carlson & Junyi Zhu