Ethan Carlson

Prototype Engineer - Entrepreneur - Experience Designer

The VSense

Lead Engineer


The VSense was a product developed by VCharge as a temperature sensing device for use with residential heating systems, essentially to create a web-enabled thermostat. Attaching the VSense to a heating system also generates data useful for analysis on embedded energy storage and power use.


The VSense was meant to be a small, general purpose product, able to run on a standard micro USB power supply, as opposed to a module designed to attach to a specific type of system. The VSense is a single model that can work with heated brick, hydro, or heat pump home heating systems.

My Work

As the only hardware engineer on the team, I was responsible for leading the design, prototyping, testing, and implementation of the VSense. I sourced all of the core electrical components and built bench top testing circuits to verify functionality. I piloted the project for use in Maine and the UK and took it through two release revisions.