Volta Labs

Freelance Engineer

*Please note that my descriptions of freelance work are intentionally vague in order to protect the IP of the companies I've worked for, and I have not posted any photos that are not publicly available elsewhere.


I worked as a freelance engineer for Volta Labs consistently from Jan '19 to Sept '19 and have a continuing professional relationship witht hem.

Volta hired me to build a prototype PCB as well as a testing and calibration setup for their lab-on-a-chip product. The device that I design and built was required to have independent closed loop temperature control over dozens of closely spaced nodes.

My Work

The primary achievements in this project were:

  • Maintaining analog temperature signal fidelity at each node
  • Thermally isolating heating nodes from each other and from the other components on the board
  • Fast multiplexing of both switching and sensing
  • Internal and external calibration scripts that interfaced with each other