Freelance Engineer

*Please note that my descriptions of freelance work are intentionally vague in order to protect the IP of the companies I've worked for, and I have not posted any photos that are not publicly available elsewhere.


I worked as a freelance engineer for FutureAir from Jan '19 to Jun '19.

FutureAir hired my to produce a new revision of the PCB for their primary product, the Smart Air Monitor (SAM). The current product was buggy and was missing functionality that they wanted in their pilot. They then also made me responsible for the manufacture and test of the subsequent round of boards.

My Work

The primary achievements in this project were:

  • Redesign of the board to allow for more rapid iteration
  • Reduction of BOM line items by ~30% by using more up to date technology
  • Repair of a PCB antenna RF system
  • Thermal isolation of the room temperature sensor.