Ethan Carlson

Prototype Engineer - Entrepreneur - Experience Designer


Personal Project


As Updraft Ventures was winding down, I became interested in how the escape room industry was doing more broadly, and could not find the information I was looking for in an easy to use format. The above gif was the first choropleth map that I built using Geopandas.

The Jupyter Notebooks for my choropleth maps can be found on my Github.

US Job Movement

After reading Andrew Yang's book, The War on Normal People", I wanted to see if I could visualize the effect that he talks about myself using Geopandas. The metric I chose is total change in non-farm employmed persons minus the change in working age population. This gets around the downsides of using unemployment as a metric.

I produced choropleths using both absolute change, and change as a percentage of population. Absolute change is more useful for visualizing "where jobs are going", while percentage change is more useful for visualizing how the people in those states perceive the change.